Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I know, I know. I'm a lazy blogger.

It's just that I got back from vacation, and, well...I still sort of want to be on vacation. I go to work, because I have to. But I haven't watched the news. I only visit news websites once a day and limit the number of story links I click on. It's very unlike me. Typically I have kind of an addiction to information, if that's a real thing. But not at the moment. It's weird.

I have been reading a good book. Devil in the Details by Jennifer Traig. It's a memoir. The first memoir I've read since the Frey fiasco, and it was a good way to get back in the saddle. I like it. She writes about the variety of forms her Obsessive-Compulsive disorder took as she was growing up, including bizarre religious behaviors. One of my favorite parts comes in her "Beauty Tips for Fastidious Girls" interstitial:
Skin Feeling a little chapped but worried your whole family will die if you use a commercial moisturizer? Not to worry--there's an alternative. Just reach for a nice, hygienic, hermetically sealed bottle of salad oil. It's the moisturizer the biblical matriarchs used! Anoint yourself, for you are the chosen, it's you it's you please don't let them die. Now, doesn't that feel better?
I think that's funny.


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