Saturday, July 15, 2006

How the Democrats can lose this thing.

This is, as always, basically just my take on a situation based almost entirely on my own anecdotal evidence.

I had to go to a big regional fair yesterday afternoon. In 100 degree heat. It was unpleasant. While I was there, I needed to get some information from the local Republican and Democratic parties, who both had displays there. Now, having worked on political campaigns in the past, I've "worked the booth" at more than my fair share of county fairs. I know it's hot and miserable and a pain in the ass. It takes work and determination to keep a smile on your face and sell your candidates.

That being said, the Republicans I talked to were pleasant and personable and quite helpful. We didn't talk actual political issues though, which helped. This clearly would have been the sticking point.

Likewise, I didn't talk about actual political issues with the Democrats either. Which is a shame...because without the bond of similar political views, these particular Democrats came across as sort of snotty and off-putting.

If I was an undecided voter (which I am decidely NOT), the Dems wouldn't have won me over. I probably would have, however, taken a closer look at the GOP candidates. The mere thought of this makes my blood run cold.

The country is in shambles thanks to the GOP. Everybody knows it. Winning 2006 elections should be a slam dunk for the Democrats. However, if any of my anecdotal evidence is at all valid on a more widespread basis.....I'm not sure that's the case. It's troubling.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Even the fool sometimes has sage insights.

Your efforts will result in much profit.

“Oh, shut up.”

So goes my never-ending love-hate relationship with fortune cookie fortunes.

This is not news to anyone who knows me. In fact, I think I may have blogged about it before. But, I feel like blogging about it again. Sue me.

Firstly, I love fortune cookie fortunes because they are random. Also, they are wrapped in a delicious crispy little cookie. But it’s mostly because they are random. One of life’s biggest disappointments is when you have two fortune cookies from the same restaurant and you get the same two fortunes. It ruins the lovely random mysteriousness for me.

On the other hand, I hate fortune cookie fortunes. I hate them because they are, obviously, complete and utter bullshit.

Here are just a few of the fortunes I have sitting in a pile on the desk next to my computer (the fact that I have a rather sizeable collection of fortune cookie fortunes sitting in a pile next to my computer should, realistically, surprise no one):

When bargain hunting, be practical.
• Others need not lose for you to win.
• You are very wealthy but you don’t know it.
• Plan your graduation party with Leeann Chin Catering & Delivery.
(Oops….wrong side.)
• Your message must focus on the receiver. Ignore yourself.

See? Total crap.

I’m thinking of buying a package of fortune cookies from the grocery store. Every morning when I wake up, I’ll crack one open and spend the rest of the day living my life according to a very literal translation of said fortune. Could be fun. One time, I decided to carry around the I Ching and a bunch of pennies. Whenever I had to make a decision, I threw down the pennies and consulted the book for guidance. That was only slightly more cryptic (but perhaps an eensy bit less crazy) than letting a fortune cookie guide me.

Oooh…wait…look at this one:

You have more work than you can handle. Go take a rest; you deserve it.

No kidding! I might make a copy of this one to show my boss.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Death and Chocolate Ice Cream

To me, chocolate ice cream will always remind me of death. I think it goes back to my grandparents' wakes and funerals when I was in middle school. Their youngest grandchild and the most freakishly over-sensitive person you'll ever meet, I took their deaths really hard. Various family members took me away from the funeral home every couple of hours, and chocolate malts were my comfort food of choice. Ever since, I don't usually crave chocolate ice cream.

So, I probably should have realized the Universe was trying to send me a message when I inexplicably picked up a box of chocolate ice cream sundae cones at the grocery store tonight. I should have known something bad would happen.

Then I got home to find that my rabbit, Bonny the Bunny, had died. It's devastating to me. I don't care how stupid that sounds. Bonny was a good pet, and probably the sweetest and most docile creature God ever created.

I think Bonny loved me too much. I've had her since college, and she was really attached. She always got kind of sick and moody whenever I was gone for a weekend or a few days. When I left her in Wisconsin while I moved to Louisiana for Teach for America, she developed some rather serious health conditions that never really cleared up, even after I came back home.

The fact that she loved me so much is what troubles me the most. Because as any two-bit psychoanalyst or my mother could tell you, deep down I firmly believe that I don't deserve to be loved. This explains a lot about why I'm so drawn to people who treat me like crap. (But that's an entirely different blog.) It also explains a lot about my attachment to my pets. They love me, and though I don't understand that, it's wonderful. On the flip side, I can love them without feeling like a fool, which is equally wonderful for me.

Losing that is really hard.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I might be a workaholic.

Who'd have guessed THAT?!

My place of employment is currently ok-ing overtime hours if you want them, which doesn't always happen. So, I've been taking full advantage. I've had one day off since last Thursday, and I used it to go watch the Twins kick the Dodger's asses at the Metrodome on Tuesday. By the time I have another day off, I'll have worked another 8 straight days. I'll have worked a total of 12 days in a row, except for 1 day off. And I'm more than OK with that.