Monday, December 26, 2005

"Call Me ASAP!"

So, I was out with an old high school friend that I haven't seen in like NINE years (Hola, Roxy!) tonight. During the course of the evening, I received TWO nearly identical "Call me ASAP!" messages. Now, I'm not all that important of a person, so I was kind of taken aback to get TWO such urgent sounding messages. I immediately checked up on the situations.

One was regarding a cap gun that I sent a friend in the mail as a Christmas present. Now, this is not just ANY cap gun. This is a very special cap gun that has deep emotional significance to some of us. The emergency was that I had mailed the gun to said friend's parents' house, as she lives in New Orleans and is not currently being serviced by the USPS. I had assumed that she drove home for the break....when in fact she had flown. Cap guns on airplanes....not a good idea. So, I had to help brainstorm a way to get the sacred gun from Indiana to New Orleans without giving Michael Chertoff a stiffy in the process.

The second situation in need of my immediate attention was a friend of mine who had decided to go drink at the Legion in his slippers and bathrobe. He thought that it was absolutely necessary for me to get MY bathrobe and slippers and join him. I passed. Although, I did appreciate the thought.

Anyway...the point of this whole convoluted story is that I LOVE what passes for an emergency in my little world. Some people get frantic messages about plummeting stocks, looming merger deadlines, hostile take-overs and other things that I only vaguely know about from tv shows I click past when I'm channel surfing.

I get cap guns and bath robes.

That kicks ass. Some days I do get lucky after all.


Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Ha ha! I'm not sure if I ever told you this, but about 15 years ago we got a collect call late at night from an incoherent caller. A couple of nights later, I saw a convict on the news who had been taped during an interrogation, saying he wanted to make a collect call. I'm convinced to this day that's who it was, because the time coincided. Well, my sister told me it happened again the other day. Oh least the cops aren't calling my house in the middle of the night anymore to rescue stranded drunks. I'm glad my cell phone is currently disconnected.

December 27, 2005 2:26 AM  
Anonymous Roxy said...

Haha! I'm glad all crises were averted. If I had known about drinking in the Legion in bathrobes and slippers I might've been persuaded to forego dinner and a movie.

Great seeing you!

December 27, 2005 1:24 PM  

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