Tuesday, October 11, 2005

10 points for originality, maybe?

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Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

I've made lots of subliminal attempts in my life to end everything from jobs to relationships. Hey, it happens! I hope your audio-post has resulted in some kind of catharsis for you. If not, it's still nice to know that I can relate to someone.

October 11, 2005 10:00 PM  
Blogger Michel said...

Okay, first off: 11 points for originality (my salute to both you and Nigel Tufnel).

Second...the whole trying-to-kill-yourself thing: perhaps it's not as severe as you trying to kill yourself. I only know you from your blog, so I'm merely speaking from my own personal experience here - and for me, when I worked every day (almost every damn waking hour), it was because I attempting to busy myself, in order to avoid something else. The "something else" wasn't always a physical task either - most often, it was something that I didn't want to think about.

Third...the secret wish to be fired: I can relate to that. I'm currently working two jobs, and although I really need them both to pay the bills, I find that I'm challenging "the rules" more and more. Part of my resistence to do things "by the book" stems from my honest belief that what I'm being asked to do is just fucking stupid. I am sure however, that the other part of my resistence stems from a desire to be fired.

As Ian said though (and "cheers!" to you Ian), I hope your post resulted in some kind of catharsis.

Take care.

October 13, 2005 3:42 AM  
Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Michel, I know Flamingo personally and she is a really excellent chick to know. She's too awesome to seriously entertain such a world-robbing notion as suicide. She loves us way too much to deprive us of her being.

And cheers to you too!

October 13, 2005 5:07 PM  
Blogger Flamingo Jones said...

Hey now...no, I'm not seriously consciously considering suicide. And it wasn't meant to be cathartic really, either. I was mostly just calling to keep myself awake on the drive into work. So, no cause for alarm...this wasn't a cry for help or anything.

October 13, 2005 10:50 PM  
Blogger Michel said...

Ahhh...stage two of the "cry for help": denial.

October 14, 2005 2:31 AM  

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